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    Born and raised in Vancouver, BC Canada, Darrin Evil has always loved music of all kinds and hitting things. After many years behind the drum kit for various local Vancouver rock, metal, and punk bands like SOCIAL MENACE, BLACK EARTH, DIET EVIL, HELLRAZOR, and MY OWN CHAOS, to name only a few, Darrin Evil has finally come out front to write and perform his own songs.

    His first solo album "Shadow Side", released in May 2017, is an eclectic blend of hard rock, metal, punk and new age. The explosive grooves and catchy melodies are so infectious that you can’t stop humming them in your head.

    Darrin Evil strives to create music that is personal as well as meaningful to everybody. “…when I make music it must be fun for me but at the same time it needs to be of some service to others…” (DE)

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    Shadow Side

    Recording studio multi-cam footage of Darrin Evil's "Shadow Side" with guest appearance by Zane from iClone.